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::Hooks, Books, Needles, and Looks::

And Everything In-Be-Tween...

I never know how to fill out these “About Me” spaces. I don’t really like to write about myself, so this is the best I can come up with:

My name is Kristina, but I usually go by Kristy or Krissy. I've been with my husband Ryan since 2004 and we have one daughter, Maitreya, who was born in March 2011. Ryan got out of the Marines in January 2011, so we've moved back home to St. Louis, MO to essentially start our lives over again :P
I lack employment, so I spend my time with my daughter and (when I can) collecting hobbies.
They mostly consist of crocheting (I mostly make cute little amigurumi minions that I hope will eventually take over the world), writing (but I don’t share too much of what I write because I’m shy that way), reading (lots of books&comics, and if I’m bored enough, I even post horribly written reviews), sewing, cooking&baking, re-learning to draw, playing video&computer games, listening to music (all genres), learning Russian (or trying anyway), making graphics in Photoshop and (most importantly) bitching.
All of these things (and more!) can be found inside my friends-locked journal, in an organized mess of sarcastic ramblings that are laced with wit and tossed in a low-fat cheesy coating.
My interests and hobbies are pretty much all over the place, along with my humor and attention span.

"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative." - Oscar Wilde